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mientras dormías…

mientras dormías…

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Adorable Cartoon House Sigil Posters by haleyhss


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Pastel Icebergs by Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman perfectly masters drawing with pastels. Recently, the artist reveals works representing icebergs. An impressive record, discovered in a series of beautiful images.


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Let’s Talk About Movies:

What makes it so appealing to the audience?

"For actors, it’s a cinematic gift, a chance to play a characteristic as well as a character. For directors, it’s a chance to explore the psyche in visual and narrative detail. For audiences, it’s a window into a world they will (hopefully) never experience. When combined in the just the right way, without histrionics or spectacle, the results can be incredible." - Source

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Ella está muy cómoda y no pretende regresarme mi pie #catstangram #cat  #gatoempalagoso

Ella está muy cómoda y no pretende regresarme mi pie #catstangram #cat #gatoempalagoso

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Juego #gatoempalagoso #catstangram #cat